Grill menu under the shade of trees in the garden
BBQ picnics

You are in a chaise longue somewhere near the lake

With a glass of sparkling wine or fresh juice

During the summer season, you want to spend every party with friends, a casual celebration, a summer corporate party or just a weekend somewhere in the garden, pleasantly communicating with others and sharing your day with them.

Just imagine you are in a chaise longue holding a glass of sparkling wine or fresh juice somewhere near the lake, spending the day with your favourite colleagues or relatives!

The Soul catering team will easily take on solving the problem “how to treat guests?” and organize a picnic of your dream.

Our chef will create a menu that will fit the event and your wishes. The grill menu can include meat, fish, vegetables, or special vegetarian or vegan positions. We serve all dishes with branded sauces and home-made bread, and also offer to create an appetizer menu corresponding to the event. Also bar stations with assorted cocktails and/or non-alcoholic beverages will be arranged at the picnic - here no one of the guests will have to compete in uncorking a bottle of wine by means turned out to be at hand.

Your personal manager will keep in touch with you from your first call to order a picnic and before sunset on the day of the event, who will check that your idea of ​​this day will be heard, and your every wish will be fulfilled.

BBQ picnic in different formats

Let us organize an unforgettable event in your life!
We'll take all your wishes into account while organizing your event