An ideal VIP area in the competitions with light snacks
Sporting events

Movement is life,

But what kind of life is there without tasty food?

The Soul catering team easily takes on the preparation of a sporting event of any size: both in indoor stadiums and in the open air. Our experience helps us create original events that never fail to amaze our guests.

Together with our chef, we will create a menu according to your wishes and the direction of the event, converse the energy content of each dish and willingly offer options for special dishes, because we work with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free cooking directions.

If the event does not provide for snacks, then we can easily arrange bar stations with an assortment of drinks prepared by our team: beginning from stations with grain coffee, and ending with a variety of fresh juices and smoothies, which are prepared on the spot.

We take on the project organization at its initial stage and therefore your personal manager will be in touch with you all the time, and will control all the stages of preparation and holding the event.

Sporting events in different formats

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